Our Team

B.Rek Hons. (US) APT Audit Specialist Course – UCT

Marc completed traineeship with KPMG and was thereafter appointed Group Financial Manager of Blastrite. He later served as the Group Financial Officer of Spur Corporation, before becoming the South African representative of a consortium of foreign investors. He joined Finvision in 2010, as shareholder and Director, and is now the Managing Director.
Marc Schutte
Group CE
BA; Hons BA (Philosophy); M.A. (Philosophy); LLB; Advanced Diploma Labour Law; MPhil (Ancient Cultures); Hons BA (Psychology); Research Programme Max Planck Institute for Public and International Law (Heidelberg University, Germany); Admitted as Attorney (1996); Admitted as Advocate (1998)
Marieta Söhnge

Douglas completed his training contract with Grant Thornton Cape Inc. For a period of his contract he was seconded to Finvision where he was integral in developing the service line now offered to educational institutions. On completion of his contract with Grant Thornton, Douglas joined Finvision full time.
Douglas Woolley
Global Project Manager

Riccardo completed his traineeship with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and thereafter worked for two years in London first as a Group Accountant, and then as a Financial Analyst for WS Atkins plc.
Head of Software Development